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Where did I come from? What is this place? Where do streams of consciousness begin and where do they end? Was I always here? Was I always there?  I've been cradled, cradled this whole time. Cradled by space, cradled by time. It's okay, I won't leave you. I won't go anywhere, for I was always everywhere. I'll keep looking- looking for where I came from. I'll keep looking everywhere, everywhere I came from.
To get to know you, to get to know me.
I'll see you when I get there.

GALAXY1001: THE SURVEYOR SAGA, 2023, 4:52.
Shot, Directed, Edited by Jeffrey Sugishita.
Footage credit:
ESO/L.Calçada/ Music: Jennifer Galatis
Audio credit:

Science Channel - Real Audio of Comet 67P "Singing" Through Space
bonjr - if it's real, then i'll stay (slowed reverb)

tilekid - you not the same


The Drifter







米津玄師 - 海の幽霊

No matter the distance, what shines at heart,
Let’s scream our happiness out

What matters the most cannot be described with words-
What melts in the splashing light

I met you the night the stars rained
I’ll never forget that moment

What matters the most cannot be described with words-
Everything that happened on a summer day

What glows unknowingly are the spirits of the sea
We’ll see each other again there-
the beach scenting of the breeze


Kenshi Yonezu- Spirits of The Sea

The Drifter, 2023, 9:42.

Shot, Directed, Edited by Jeffrey Sugishita.

Excerpts from 「In Search of The Self」by Will Self

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