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December 4 – December 10, 2023 

Gallery hours: 8:00am-10:00pm

Reception: December 9th, 6:00-8:00 pm


ArtCenter College of Design

Senior Projects Gallery, Room 101

ArtCenter South Campus 870 Building

870 S Raymond Avenue

Pasadena, CA, 91105




The moon is out and so am I

The sun is out so I shall shine

Jeffrey Sugishita’s final senior exhibition, The Moon is Out and So am I, will be presented at ArtCenter College of Design’s Senior Projects Gallery. The exhibition features the culmination of Sugishita’s multidisciplinary practice which encompass graphical, sculptural, photographic, videographic, and performative works. The Moon is Out and So am I continues to embody the core thematics of Sugishita’s practice- the assessment of the self through the experiences held between the body, the material, and the surrounding environment. Each work examines and reflects upon Sugishita’s existence from a biological, anthropological, cultural, and philosophical perspective: from the act of creating works out of found and salvaged materials, traversing the landscapes, and interweaving the elements of the natural and the technological, Sugishita investigates and expresses all of the factors that shape and define him- not only as an individual human but as a sentient existence within this universe.  

In conjunction with the broader scientific and philosophical themes that invite the audience to contemplate upon how their own presence inhabits the proximate space and the greater world, The Moon is Out and So am I delves into Sugishita’s personal upbringing, which strongly affects the way he currently understands this reality. Specifically, the relationship Sugishita had with his father, who continuously took him to various locations in the wilderness since his infancy, is highlighted amongst some of the presented works. The curiosity, passion, and love for experiencing this world in such a rigorous and physical manner is a direct inheritance from Sugishita’s father, and much of his drive for creation originates from the initial spark of joy and interest that has been felt during such experiences.
The Moon is Out and So am I is an ode, an appreciation, a love letter to this world.


Featured Works

Homo Deus
MIRROR 26 (Fe)
I Met You The Night The Stars Rained
MIRROR 168 (H,O,C)
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